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In 21st century warfare, U.S. Special Ops teams do what traditional forces can't. Be part of an elite Spec Ops team with a mission: get in, get out, get paid.

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ChatCanisLupus: Going to sleep. Night ops queen. Hope you can find peace..
ChatCanisLupus: CanisLupus Eliminateed LilEmoPrincess's eyebrows earning 5 FunCoins. CanisLupus has to go to the mall to purchase charcoal stain remover.
ChatCanisLupus: LilEmoPrincess's eyebrows are too low to be put on the Eliminate list.
Chattreasurebandit: Rotflmao
Chattreasurebandit: Lol @ eyebrows
ChatCanisLupus: Eliminate LilEmoPrincess's eyebrows. Use *eraser*
ChatCanisLupus: Invite LilEmoPrincess to the mental institution
ChatCanisLupus: -_-

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