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Topic Updated On 9/21/2018 [4 Replies]
more detailed combing info :)
Topic Updated On 9/21/2018 [5 Replies]
Beach Shack Info!
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Basic Beach game info (please do not reply to this topic)
Topic Created on 10/1/2016
Best monster mash MEND and power-up items: SMASH- beanie tears, CHOMP- bad apples, FUME- cranberries, RAGE- carrots, HEAL- rocks, BRAIN- oak leaves
Topic Created on 9/19/2016
**hallo hh tip** you can make it all the way to level 27 without using any items, to level 30 using cellupoint items and pumpkins only. Conserve your fc items for later in hh :) good luck!!!!
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