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"VvSPIKEvV: I'm obsessed with you, ever since the first time I met you..Garcia554: barbie you single? Cause I'm trynna take dat ass lol Jwilliams9: jason a grown ass man he can make his own decisions Nickyeyes1: Anyone ever watch hee hee? Jw looks like lulu from there meatpuppet54: Oh wait thats the chick who mandii messaged her daughter or some shlt..Nickyeyes1: He lies like his momma legs wide open with a sign I never close Nickyeyes1: xZombieBarbiex: <--- I'm.fiancee her she hangs on my nuts Nickyeyes1: Cunado you showing your guzanitoJwilliams9:the Numba 1 thot is me vinky72: or put on a mask mthrf get it like a man ,pussy ass fk jason "
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