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"***Heeeyyyy, how are ya?*** Currently :::ACTIVE::: Currently into SPACEwars once I get my lvl up flow i'll be on the go! Any and all tips are appreciated! The twins were born 08/09/14!!!! a boy and a girl!!!!! Had a new baby girl 11/09/16. now I'm done. Made Citizen 09/02/13 BORN JULY05 Crochet nerd CERTIFIED OTAKU. Currently reading the DnD Player's handbook. I'm a bard on my way to stardom!!!!! Big shout out to my auntie Solarjane *i heart you* y'all better be nice to her! I've been on CUF since 2008 but I dunno my login for my other acct so that is why I use this. Dessie's the name playin games for the fame! (!!!Trophies, trophies, trophies!!!) Any size Charm gift boxes please! I do swap!"
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