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"I hope you are well boogscraft. I miss you. Cancer awareness! http://www.choosehope.com/category/by-cancer-color-cancer-type "Collecting all charms on wish list, paint charms ! Gifts gladly accepted! SarrouWolff and LaurenBrandt my cellufun sisters!!! Moco name the same. you need to write in yeahbut for last name. ...Don't wait till I'm gone. Tell me how much you appreciate and like me now. You may not have that chance again." for Cellufun 347-620-4154 email support@cellufun.com 37 Pets and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarrayeahbut, Member Since 11/26/2008 Fare Thee Well sweet Sparky. You WILL be missed. 5/22/15 NEED BRICKS please! R.I.P. dad May 30,2016 Send charms instead of hugs please "
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