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" PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE ME. Some people think that being gay is a choice. Since I was 11 I found out who I really was and felt inside. Yes I thought it was wrong and tried to change it by getting married to my ex-wife. We were married 15 yrs. had a wonderful daughter. Always felt sad inside living a life that was a lie. I finally came out, my parents disowned me for quite awhile. My new journey in life made me feel happy I was not living a lie anymore. Had a couple of bad relationships until I met avi wyattjames. We been together 12 yrs and married 5 yrs ago as of 2020. I have found my true love. KEVINRIP was my lil bro that past on in his sleep (which was I that found him) the autopsy found no cause for death so made this avi in memory.As 4 my CUF friends hope this does not change. When you wake up every morning thank the Lord for giving you another day. When going to bed pray to have another day and include others. You never know when you last breathe will be so live every day like your its your last"
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