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"5 Dec 80. Cl All 1st Choice... Loving me Some Aprilshowers any time of the year! After 20yrs, My wife and my Baby's Momma. Lord Only knows how Many Others. We're Coming Home. Accepting any and all Hallofun items! 23746 Trophy Points as of 20 Oct 2021. Collecting Military Aircraft, Farm charms n Animated fireworks. Woman make u Stupid, when she show a lil tail. Idk y WE need em. O yeah! every Coffin needs a Nail! Lost my Love in a War dat neva shudda been! Now my baby gets me through each day. God i pray u have a better way... *Im not here a long time just a good time alrite*I aint had a good time in a long time* dats rite!! I gotz dat good good and alcohol馒Dnt knw wat i do without Yall鿰Ima BALL till the day i FALL辑鿰Nothing is as it seems貑 鳢All smoke n mirrows↌鿰Maybe i follow Alice down the rabbit hole隒Will the things icb true?鿰Maybe more smoke n mirrows蒘Just like you. Collecting Garden Fountain n Summer Jungle Charms Vimpire Rising set2, Sand Castle fg n Rain fg Charms. SBG PLZ!! TYSVM ;-) "
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