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Topic Created on 7/27/2022
Tia2544 ya been unblocked for a week. Message me PLZ. Lets end this asap.
Topic Updated On 7/25/2022 [2 Replies]
We are NOT perfect. So don't try. We are who we are. Love that.
Topic Updated On 7/2/2022 [16 Replies]
My group JAZAC. New or old members post here. Anything ya want to say good or bad. Better not be bad lol.
Topic Updated On 7/2/2022 [19 Replies]
Post here if you like me.
Topic Created on 12/21/2021
Sometimes I forget the groups I am in. Its not that I am not active. Its cause I am human and forget. But what ticks me off is those who kicks. Mainly with no warning. Just saying. Thats all.
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