Monthly Pet/Item Packs!

Pets and Items in these packs are only available here, and never will be available for individual resale elsewhere!

January 2019 Pet Group

Snow Leopard
Only 2,800 FCs - See Details!

January 2019 Hockey Gear Pack

Hockey Goalie Helmet
Hockey Goalie Chest Pads
Hockey Goalie Leg Pads
Hockey Goalie Stick
Cell-boni Ice Resurfacer
Only 999 FCs - See Details!

January 2019 Beach Vacation Pack

Beach Lounge Set
Beach Paradise Background
Beach Wildlife Foreground
Only 2,000 FCs - See Details!

January 2019 RC Drones Cosplay Pack

Blue Starship Renegade Drone
Red Sci-fi Slingblade Drone
Green Camo Falcon Drone
Yellow-Black Aegis Drone
Only 1,500 FCs - See Details!

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