Monthly Pet/Item Packs!

Pets and Items in these packs are only available here, and never will be available for individual resale elsewhere!

February 2019 Pet Group

Green Frog
Whale Shark
Only 2,800 FCs - See Details!

February 2019 Battlezone Pack

Explosions Background
Razor Wire Foreground
Light Combat Tank
Sparrow Mini-copter
Only 2,000 FCs - See Details!

February 2019 Retro Gaming Pack

Retro Shooter Game Background
Retro Video Tennis Foreground
Retro Arcade Cabinet
Retro Gaming Tee
Only 2,250 FCs - See Details!

February 2019 Winter Activities Pack

Ski Slopes Background
Red Snow Cruiser
Shooting Star Skis
Oil Paint Snowboard
Only 999 FCs - See Details!

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