Monthly Pet/Item Packs!

Pets and Items in these packs are only available here, and never will be available for individual resale elsewhere!

December 2018 Pet Group

Green Ptero
Only 2,800 FCs - See Details!

December 2018 Festive Outerwear Pack

Long Knit Festive Cap
Red Festive Longcoat
White Fuzzy Mittens
White Fuzzy Boot
Only 499 FCs - See Details!

December 2018 Classic Toys Pack

Hobby Horse
Flying Toy Airplane
Wood Toy Train
Rocking Dinosaur
Only 2,250 FCs - See Details!

December 2018 Fantastical Weapons Pack

Master Katana
Legendary Sword and Shield
Dragon Axe
King Spear
Ancient Bow
Only 1,200 FCs - See Details!

December 2018 Snowy Scenes Pack

Snowy Cliff Background
Snowy Mountains Background
Snowy Creek Background
Only 2,000 FCs - See Details!

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