ChatMidLovesFlip: You have a full set picked out. Time to ask someone to get it for you!
Chatmoon1970: Good morning everyone :)
Chatmagicallady2010: Tia plz.dont post that in here we're trying to keep it clean ND have a positive flow...
Chatjayz4243: You dig dustyrose18's outfit and have given dustyrose18 a big thumbs up!
Chatjayz4243: You dig Peneloperose12's outfit and have given Peneloperose12 a big thumbs up!
ChatTia2544: jamesnbeer jazac Jaydendawn xxTWIZT3Dxx MusicalRose Yvonne0813 Kitty2luv Singlegirl33 are all the same person. All are Alts.
Chatmagicallady2010: Yw luv
ChatTia2544: Boycott {JAZAC} jamesnbeer and jazac are abusive to members.

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