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ChatTwiggy05: Gm flockna! Ty :)
ChatTwiggy05: Ty *tia2544* for the help links, appreciate it! Helped all I could.
Chatflockna: Sorry, tweetysalty is at the Healer and can't be fought at the moment!
Chatflockna: tweetysalty is too low a level for you to battle
Chattweetysalty: *tweetysalty* a least play fight games or invite new players
Chatflockna: Th3klownking thanks you for Molding Sand.You helped Th3klownking finish Molding Sand! He was helping build...I rtfd
ChatTwiggy05: Help others before helping Singlegirl33 again.
ChatTwiggy05: Kitty2luv needs 3 more Sand Detailers.You are already helping.

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