ChatJaydendawn: *tia2544* *tinkerbell2550* *strawberrypunch* *violetflower* *ConsuelaValdez* *ladybug4226memorial* *pepsimango* *raspberrymuffin* *ruthnnaomi* *sweetharmony* *amylovey* *CSLewisNarnia* bury all :) *hugs*
Chatj1ll: *Nickey346* needs 4 more Sand Gatherers.You are a Sand Detailer and can't help.
ChatRebeccaNichole2000: *RebeccaNichole2000* molders plz n ty
ChatRebeccaNichole2000: Closet Full Of Swimsuits Trophy Awarded!
ChatRebeccaNichole2000: You are strutting for the next 60 minutes. Go drum up some votes!
ChatShakezilla: Thank you so much :)
ChatShakezilla: Was getting kicked all around and everything... Stupid sand castles walls or whatever it's called and really think that *Violetflower* unlodged it :)
ChatTia2544: *jamesnbeer* *jazac* *xxTWIZT3Dxx* *MusicalRose* *Yvonne0813* *Jaydendawn* *Kitty2luv* *Singlegirl33* *pattibaby* *Kggatorbaby57* all are evil kick douse bury

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