Holiday Store - Fall Feastival 2021
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Note: Costumes appear in Clothes -> PJs in your closet.
Costumes require 150 Holiday Tokens.
You have 0 Holiday Tokens available to redeem.

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Chattiny1314: Lol I'm surprised he didn't know it cost nothing to put them in or take them out whenever he wants too
ChatMrBlackMamba187: Tucks chryss in and sings her a bedtime song
Chatchryss13: Yes I am gn all
ChatMrBlackMamba187: Go to bed chryss
Chattiny1314: Lot of people board them
Chattiny1314: But they are all boarded... Lol I take them out put them on my HP... And it cost nothing to take them out
Chatchryss13: I give the ones I win away now
Chatchryss13: I have tons boarded

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