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Shop Backgrounds (Has 0/25): 100 Tokens
Shop Decorations (Has 0/25): 100 Tokens
Shop Vehicles (Has 0/25): 200 Tokens
Shop Swimwear (Has 0/25): 150 Tokens

MrPerfectFriz's Stats:
Holiday Tokens Found: 1758
Holiday Tokens Spent: 1450
Holiday Tokens Available: 308
Holiday Tokens Spent on Self: 550
Holiday Tokens Spent on Others: 900
Holiday Items Bought Total: 7
Holiday Items Bought for Self: 4
Holiday Items Bought for Others: 3
Holiday Items Bought by Others for Me: 18
Holiday Sets Bought for Others: 3
Holiday Sets Bought by Others for Me: 7

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ChatYvonne0813: Bye sis Wabun hagd
ChatWabunAnug: I bbl gotta cook :) hagd all or night or afternoon :)
ChatWabunAnug: Can't help u sis I'm a detailer
Chatvampirezz25: Sended fr to every1 on groups
ChatYvonne0813: 2 more gatherers plz *Yvonne0813*
ChatKoalaUwU77: Enjoy your day good bye tc have. Blessed day that goes for y'all
ChatWabunAnug: Ty k :)
ChatKoalaUwU77: Happy birthday to your nieces

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