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Shop Backgrounds (Has 22/22): 100 Tokens
Shop Decorations (Has 22/22): 100 Tokens
Shop Vehicles (Has 22/22): 200 Tokens

bggirl46's Stats:
Holiday Tokens Found: 18119
Holiday Tokens Spent: 8400
Holiday Tokens Available: 9719
Holiday Tokens Spent on Self: 1200
Holiday Tokens Spent on Others: 7200
Holiday Items Bought Total: 28
Holiday Items Bought for Self: 9
Holiday Items Bought for Others: 19
Holiday Items Bought by Others for Me: 55
Holiday Sets Bought for Others: 17
Holiday Sets Bought by Others for Me: 25

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ChatJaydendawn: You look at the empty table and wonder if *Aimer1973* is planning to set it up any time soon!
ChatJaydendawn: *mokeymokey*
ChatMokeyMokey: (@.@)?! No wishbone fir hens ugh!!l why do I try ugh
ChatAimer1973: Blah
ChatJaydendawn: nope still says full table mother
Chatmothernaturesbeauty: Again
ChatDokes: No wish for Cornish hens
ChatJaydendawn: *MOTHERNATURESBEAUTY*s table is full and everyone is ready for a gourmet feast!

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