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MusicalRose has not started building a set.

Shop Backgrounds (Has 25/25): 100 Tokens
Shop Decorations (Has 25/25): 100 Tokens
Shop Vehicles (Has 25/25): 200 Tokens
Shop Swimwear (Has 25/25): 150 Tokens

MusicalRose's Stats:
Holiday Tokens Found: 22437
Holiday Tokens Spent: 22300
Holiday Tokens Available: 137
Holiday Tokens Spent on Self: 2150
Holiday Tokens Spent on Others: 20150
Holiday Items Bought Total: 79
Holiday Items Bought for Self: 15
Holiday Items Bought for Others: 64
Holiday Items Bought by Others for Me: 132
Holiday Sets Bought for Others: 55
Holiday Sets Bought by Others for Me: 59

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ChatJahnie: thank you to whoever finished detailing me!
Chatj1ll: *YellaBoneBurr* needs 19 more Sand Detailers.
Chatj1ll: *Silkee11* needs 1 more Sand Molder.You are a Sand Detailer and can't help.
Chatj1ll: *MrBronson420* needs 20 more Sand Gatherers.You are a Sand Detailer and can't help.
ChatJahnie: need one more detailer please and thank you !! huggzez
Chatj1ll: *treasurebandit* needs 3 more Sand Detailers.
ChatAnugupta: Detailers plz - *MrBronson420* *Lilgirl20* *Eananna* *Thumper2022* *MashersAnonymous*
ChatAnugupta: Molders plz- *RockinRodney* *125Champagne* *Paulsessions* *SexySilhouetteDancer* *MelanieBee123* *ShreddedSnotBalls* *YellaBoneBurr* *sluming* *tinkerbell5050* *TigerPower* *CaughtOnCandy*

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