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Redeeming Holiday Tokens
You can use your Holiday tokens to get avatar items in the Holiday Store. These items will only be available here. You can also redeem your Holiday tokens to buy your friends items from the store. Try it, I bet they will be appreciative.

Finding Holiday Tokens[2]
Sets of Items[4]
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ChatBatty: thanks
ChatBatty: your welcome
ChatBatty: You dig Bumble26's outfit and have given Bumble26 a big thumbs up!You found a Holiday Token!
ChatTh3klownprince: Ty Batty.
ChatBatty: You dig Th3klownprince's outfit and have given Th3klownprince a big thumbs up!
ChatTh3klownprince: I need 3 sections b 4 I can vote, but it lets me strut?
ChatLoveone313: Go kick some other people's sand castles before you pick on jamesnbeer's again.
ChatBatty: this not u

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