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Holiday Stores are, well, holiday themed stores that contain special avatar items that can be obtained by redeeming Holiday Tokens. You earn Holiday Tokens by doing the various tasks you already do in any of the holiday games (Hallowfun, Fall Feastival, Merry Mobile, Courtly Love, Luck O' the Irish, Fowl Play, Cinco de Mayo).

Finding Holiday Tokens[2]
Redeeming Holiday Tokens[3]
Sets of Items[4]
Store Schedule

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ChatAnugupta: Mil* nt m lol
Chatmillenia: Posts*
Chatmillenia: It's still around sis but pretty inactive and lots of pets missing cause ppl left cf
ChatAnugupta: Yeah dream. I knw it isnt. Bt m has been doing gr8 job n i remember wabun was an awsm grp too bk in day
Chatmillenia: It isn't. You hands to not only keep up with it and getting new members but wish keep games and gifts fair, and what ppl want or they leave or not okay t
ChatWabunAnug: Application sent to {MASHH}! You will get a PM when you are accepted, denied or banned.
ChatWabunAnug: Group
ChatWabunAnug: Wat happened to the original mash?

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