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Holiday Stores are, well, holiday themed stores that contain special avatar items that can be obtained by redeeming Holiday Tokens. You earn Holiday Tokens by doing the various tasks you already do in any of the holiday games (Hallowfun, Fall Feastival, Merry Mobile, Courtly Love, Luck O' the Irish, Fowl Play, Cinco de Mayo).

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Chatzoey11345: Hurtful even so have a good night or morning whatever time it is for you
Chatzoey11345: No Abby it's nothing like that the people in my bonfire group keeps seeing the dowsing going on and wonder why we are not doing it back it's just better that we don't we are not bullies and I don't think sometimes what you say is very funny it's kind of h
ChatAbbyNormal420: Yep theres no reasoning with her when she like this... U just smile and wave *poof*
Chatmillenia: Ugh im outta here. I didn't mean to cause a fight between friends, im suck a fuckup geez.
Chatzoey11345: Some people have completely left the site I've got a couple of dead people no we have five maybe six people that play when they can so stop assuming
Chatzoey11345: No I just had hip replacement surgery I can't be here all the time and other members in our group have a whole bunch of crap going on they can't be here for one reason or the other don't question me about anything I'm sick of it just because we have logs
ChatAbbyNormal420: 10 lousy buckets, fr sometimes your freakouts are just to much ijs
ChatAbbyNormal420: Ok zoey, but seriously? You have had 10 buckets put on you in total in the last 19 days, u more than overreacting, its the game ...

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